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"Complete Beginner's Card Magic Tricks"
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Dear Friend,

If you've ever tried to learn the secrets of magic, you'll know that the secrets are like treasures; difficult if not impossible to find.

If you are lucky, you get hold of a few magic books and tried to learn from them; you'll know that it is difficult to understand by reading, especially for a beginner.

Until now...

You can learn mind-blowing card magic tricks in 15 minutes.


"Complete Beginner's Card Magic Tricks" is specially designed for those of you who are trying out magic -those of you who worry that you may not be able to master the techniques behind the tricks. These 3 card magic tricks have been carefully selected as they are easy to master and yet create impact on your audience. They're so simple my 5 year-old nephew can do.

For merely USD$6.90, my wife should be slapping me for teaching you these 3 card magic tricks which I use regularly in my paid shows.

When you order "Complete Beginner's Card Magic Tricks", you instantly receive:

an instructional online video so you can learn the card magic tricks immediately.

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Best regards,
Justin Luck (Formerly known as Quinn Cher)
Professional Magician
"Complete Beginner's Card Magic Tricks"

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Customer comments

Simple Easy to learn.
by Tim Richmond from Tucson, AZ USA on 04/17/2007 10:55
If you have no knowledge on magic, 'Complete Beginner's Card Magic Tricks' is the easy path for you. You will be performing magic immediately after you finish watching the video. !!! ADD TO CART NOW !!!

A must have for complete beginners in magic!
by Jey from Singapore on 04/15/2007 17:31
I can't believe these simple methods actually fooled people. When I performed for my friends this morning in school, it blew them away.

Inexpensive treasure
by Simon Yates from San Antonio, TX USA on 04/12/2007 13:53
Complete Beginner's Card Magic Tricks is so inexpensive, it made my money and 15 minutes well spent. In fact, I mastered those 3 card tricks the same time I finished watching it.

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